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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  December 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the company is blaming poor holiday sales for the store closings. the move will generate 140 to $170 million cash in inventory sales. the news sent sears holding corporation shares down 27%. the biggest decline in more than eight years. a new report says consumer confidence in the economy is at its highest point since april. the monthly survey by the conference board said the index rose nearly ten points this month to 64.5. they're in line with a good holiday season, but they're still below the level that indicates the economy is on solid ground. >> let's check the forecast. meteorologist veronica johnson gave us interesting news. we had wet weather yesterday. and now we're saying we've been lucky enough. winter is around the corner. >> we had 15 days with highs in the 20s and 30s already last year. so we've bought ourselves that
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much time. but starting next tuesday, highs in the 30s, consecutive days with highs in the 30s. you know what that means with any storm that comes our way? >> snow. >> or some wintry type precip. >> ice. >> ice, yikes. take a look outside today. we've got some windy conditions to deal with. 18-mile-per-hour winds now. gusts in gaithersburg. 21 in leesburg. i think today we'll see gusts of around 25 miles per hour. we're at 42 degrees currently with a west wind at 25 miles per hour. it's that northwest wind wicking away the moisture and the rain we got last night. 49 in arlington and springfield. 43 in college park, maryland. there's a look at some of the clearing that took place. a few clouds coming in now. for today your high temperature will be going up to 45 degrees. again, windy. carol? >> thanks, veronica. in maryland, east on 50 over at route 2 at 450, we have a tractor-trailer fire. only the left lane is getting by.
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no delays experienced now. so that's a good thing. maybe they'll get this thing cleaned up before the rush hour begins in earnest. in fairfax, 651 at zion drive, an accident blocking lanes in both directions. and construction past georgia avenue on 29, only the left lane gets by. eun, angie? >> thank you, carol. a u.s. park police officer will be laid to rest. sergeant michael bayne died while trying to save a man who had fallen or jumped from the key bridge two weeks ago. a service will be held at church of the nativity in burke, virginia, this morning. then a processional will drive from burke to u.s. park headquarters in d.c., then back to virginia to lay him to rest. there will be rolling traffic delays for the processional, including i-395 north, memorial bridge, and rock creek parkway. patients were shocked to hear about the indictment of the president of a pain management
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clinic in chantilly, virginia. he's accused of selling mass amounts of painkillers without a medical license. paul piccone's indictment alleges that more than 100 oxycontin based pills were described in one year. more than 12,000 to just one customer. and he kept selling the drugs after he learned of numerous overdoses. police in prince george's county are asking for your help to find a burglary ring linked to as many as seven robberies. take a look at the surveillance video taken in chantilly last month. watch him knock on the door. then they go to the back of the house and use a propane tank to smash open the bathroom window. the two jump through a window and are seen carrying valuables out of the house. the homeowner says the burglary was a very unpleasant
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experience. >> in addition to stealing things, they just ransacked things. it was really bad. >> and the suspects were caught on camera again using a stolen bank card. they called the suspect batman. the other two were spotted at a radio shack in seat pleasant. the police want to question the woman, kiana joseph. if you see any of them, call police. a woman who says she was assaulted by two men in her home is accused of filing a false police report. this was the scene monday on the 6000 block of hopes creek place as police searched for clues following the alleged attack. after a thorough investigation, police determined the 51-year-old woman made it all up. they believe it stems from a domestic related event.
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now to decision 2012 where one gop candidate is still fighting to get on virginia's primary ballot. rick perry filed a lawsuit to get his name on the ballot. perry failed to get the 10,000 signatures required. perry's spokesperson told reporters that virginiians should be able to choose among all the candidates and the state's signature requirement is ridiculous. virginia is holding a super caucus on tuesday, march 6th. newt gingrich traveled all over the hawkeye state yesterday, including visiting a rotary club in dubuque. he continually bashed mitt romney, calling him a, quote, massachusetts moderate and saying, while he's a good businessman, he's not a true conservative like former president ronald reagan. >> one of the major differences i have with governor romney -- who is a fine person. he's a good manager, a competent person. he did very, very well with the winter olympics. but there's a huge difference between the philosophy of a
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supply side conservative and the camp reagan tradition and the philosophy of a massachusetts moderate. >> the iowa republican caucus is scheduled for january 3rd. after surging to the top, gingrich has slipped a bit in iowa, falling to third behind ron paul and mitt romney. on the other side, president obama is quietly but steadily building momentum. the latest gallup poll has the president at a 47% approval rating with 45% saying they disapprove of his job performance. this is the first time since july that mr. obama's approval rating was higher than his disapproval rating. the jump could have something to do with the recent battle over the payroll tax cut, where the president came out with a win over house republicans. a disturbing trend at our nation's military academies. a department of defense report says sexual assaults are on the rise. the agency's annual report found there were 65 reports of sexual assault involving cadets and
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midshipmen at the military academy, naval academy, and air force academy. last year there were 41. the naval academy saw the number of assaults double from 11 to 22 while the air force climbed from 20 to 33. the military academy reported the same number in both years with 10 assaults. they cannot identify the reasons for the increases. the war in iraq is now over, but americans won't be seeing a huge ticker-tape parade any time soon for service members returning from the middle east. they would be willing to stage a huge celebration similar to the ticker-tape parades in world war ii. however, the pentagon hasn't been asked to plan one. some think the ticker-tape parade would be premature since thousands of troops are still in afghanistan. a woman and her daughter will ride on a float in the upcoming tournament of roses parades in honor of organ
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donors. six years ago, paul died when he crashed on the trail. when he died, his organs went to help others in need. his family said becoming an organ donor was a decision he put a lot into. >> it was really important to him because he wanted to help people with parts he couldn't use anymore at that point and live on in someone else. >> they will ride on the donate life float, which celebrates family members of loved ones who donated their organs. this year's theme for donate life is one more day. you can see the parade live monday morning here on nbc 4. >> special treat for them. >> that is just one great parade. i've covered it many a time. 4:38 is the time. ahead on news 4, new details about that house fire in connecticut that killed a couple and their three grandchildren. why authorities say no one should have been in the home in the first place.
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welcome back. time now 4:41, where we've got temperatures throughout the area upper 30s and low 40s.
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we're at 42 degrees right now. temperatures are not going to rise very much. in fact, i think it will be the fifth chilliest day out of the month. it's been so mild. so many days in the 50s and 60s. 45 today. we've got a few clouds around the area now. overall, though, a mostly sunny day. by the time we get to 5:00 today, we'll be back in the upper 30s. and then it's going to be a cold night coming our way. we're going to be dipping down eventually, 11:00 p.m. there, 31 degrees. eventually, 22 to 27 degrees, the range in temperatures. that will be some of the coldest air that we've gotten this season. as far as friday goes, we'll peak at 55. two real chilly days with very cold air headed our way next week. carol? >> thank you, veronica. 66 moving well inside and outside the beltway as well. in maryland, eastbound on 50, at route 2 and 450, we have a tractor trailer fire. only the left lane gets you by.
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a reminder for metro on the red line, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. single tracking at ft. totten for track work. 15-minute delays. talk about a missed opportunity. how someone out there just blew a chance to be $77 million
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a vigil was held in oxon hill, maryland, last night for a father of two murdered on christmas day. family, friends, and concerned neighbors gathered on southview court at the spot where quintin perry jr. was killed. perry had just left to visit with his children to make a quick run to a store where he was shot. relatives believe he was killed
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for the $300 coat he was waerpg. >> it's just inconceivable that somebody would be that ruthless and that spiritually bankrupt to shoot to kill somebody on christmas morning over their own jacket. it's just inconceivable to me. >> a memorial fund has been set up through bank of america to help the family cover funeral expenses. police in indiana are still trying to figure out why a man murdered and dismembered the body of a 9-year-old girl he was baby-sitting. investigators say michael plumadore confessed to the murder of aliana lemon after he was arrested monday night. police say he beat the girl to death with a brick in his ft. wayne home before dismembering her and putting her body in trash dabags. he had been watching lemon and her two younger sisters because her mother had been sick. fireplace embers left in a
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bag in an entryway near the trash started a christmas morning fire that killed a mother and her three children. the girls panicked and ran back upstairs. firefighters desperately tried to find them as well, but the intense heat and flames forced them out. firefighters found the grandfather and one of the girls dead near an open third floor window. >> he obviously found one of the young children because he guided her to the window that he went through. when he stepped through that window, his life ended. >> the house was under renovation, and investigators say no one should have been living inside. hate getting those annoying automated messages on your phone at home? brace yourself. those robocalls could soon be coming to your cell phone. a bill floating around congress would allow companies to place important informational calls to a mass amount of consumers all at the same time right to their cell phones. but opponents say the companies
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could make the calls without your prior consent, and that could end up costing people more who do not have unlimited cell phone minutes. yet another major attack by hackers. this time at a large security firm with big name clients, including the u.s. million trit. a group of hackers called anonymous admits stealing thousands of credit card numbers and other information from a security firm stratfor. they're planning to release e-mails revealing private information from the company. in a weird twist, they used credit card numbers to make charity donations. in order to protect yourself, you are the only one who can make sure your money is safe. >> at a minimum, consumers need to make sure they track their credit card bills and bank account bills to see whether or not there are any transactions that they didn't authorize. even if it's a charitable contribution, they need to keep track of what's happening. >> members of the defense department, private companies, and foreign embassies are among the victims.
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the fbi is investigating the security breach. today moms around the country will participate in a nurse-in. more than 100 nurse-ins are scheduled today at target stores in at least 35 states. it all stems from an incident last month in texas. a woman was breast-feeding her son in what she says was a remote area of the store when employees asked her to move to a fitting room. a company spokesperson says target has apologized to the mother, but that has not stopped the nurse-in from getting 4,000 members on its facebook page. occupy d.c. is planning the launch of pop-up art gallery this week. the main gallery will be at the encampment in mcpherson square. organizers say the plan is to put up several art galleries around the city starting on friday. this comes as protesters around the country are on their way to the district to attend occupy congress on january 17th. the protest is being signed with the start of the 2012 legislative session for congress. the american red cross is
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asking for help after an unprecedented year of disasters. that's according to wtop. the red cross provided relief for 137 major incidents around the country this year. that includes hurricane irene, tropical storm lee, and the deadly tornadoes in the midwest. the group served 6.7 million meals in 2011. the red cross says it is in desperate need of more cash. you can make a donation online or text red cross to 90999 to donate $10. as 2011 draws to a close, so does an era in u.s. savings bonds. over the counter sales of paper savings bonds will end at financial institutions on december 31st. the u.s. department of treasury announced the move back in july in the hopes of increasing the number of electronic transactions while saving taxpayers millions of dollars. series ee and "i" electronic savings bonds will remain available for purchase on
4:51 am you've got to feel sorry for this person. someone in georgia left $77 million on the table. a winning powerball ticket sold last summer expired on monday, and no one came forward to claim the prize. it is the largest unclaimed ticket ever in georgia. the unclaimed money will be given back to the states where powerball is played to be used for future games and prizes. i mean, come on. >> how do you buy a ticket and not -- every time i buy a ticket, i have a reminder on my phone, check the numbers. >> i have to think there was an emergency or a lost bag or it was destroyed or thrown out. >> oh, my goodness. >> i think it's better off that person never knows. >> do you think they'll ever buy another ticket? >> yeah, you've got to. no? >> they probably don't even know they lost it. >> that must be frustrating now. >> and the thing is you can pinpoint the store you bought it from and the fact it's been in the press for so long and no one's come forward.
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>> maybe that person doesn't even realize. >> wait. let me check. >> when's the last time you were in georgia? >> all right. our weather's going to take a turn around here, a big turn starting next week. as we focus on what we can expect the next two days here. it is going to be chilly the next two days, especially for one overnight coming up. we're at 42 degrees right now. definitely coat weather this morning, especially with the fact we've got the wind blowing at 6 miles per hour right now. that wind is pretty stiff and will be today with gusts up to around 25 and 30 miles per hour. from 40 degrees up north and hagerstown. 40 in la plata and waldorf currently. west of our area, the white you see moving through west virginia, that is snow. elkins and beckley and down towards lewisburg, light snow showers. maybe accumulation there. one to three inches for us,
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chilly sunshine today. again keep in mind that wind is going to be blowing through much of the day. probably not going to subside until we get to 5:00 or 6:00 today. for tomorrow partly sunny. a little weather system dropping in on us friday. that will produce some cloud cover around the area for friday. right now early saturday morning, early on new year's eve, looks as though we could have a few light showers coming through. today 42 to 46 degrees. your evening forecast, we're clear with a diminishing wind, definitely coat required. here's a look at that four-day forecast for you. tomorrow 48, then into the 50s for friday and saturday. carol? >> maybe the winds blew that lottery ticket away. a northbound 95 in virginia, take a look at the fairfax county parkway. we look so good. and also, let's move over to 395 north of edsall, all clear. and look as you make your way up to the 14th street bridge. nothing in your way. back in maryland earlier in morning, a tractor-trailer fire at route 2 and 450, still only
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the left lane gets by. eun, angie? >> thank you, carol. we have a traffic alert for drivers in tysons corner, the ramp linking route 7 to southbound route 103 is reopened today. it was closed in september of 2010 so construction crews could work on a tunnel for the dulles rail project. the new route, known as the silver line, will connect reston with the rest of the rail system at tysons corner. it will eventually extend to dulles airport and loudoun county. what caused a piece of a metro car brake to fall off earlier this month? metro officials say they've completed a visual inspection of the rail cars involved. they're now examining maintenance records and the actual design of the brake assembly. eight days ago, a friction ring fell off a train on the orange and blue line causing long delays. metro has pulled 16 cars that had similar issues to the one that suffered the accident. >> the time right now just six minutes away from the start of
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the 5:00 hour. coming up, not quite in the holiday spirit. how a simple seasonal prank back
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welcome back. times square's world famous crystal ball is getting ready for its big night. the ball tips the scale at nearly 12,000 pounds and is covered in nearly 3,000 waterford crystal triangles. this year's theme, let there be friendship. more than 1 million people are expected to pack times square on saturday night. a metro employee in boston decided to spread christmas cheer in an unusual fashion. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ >> the employee reprogrammed the display to show the lyrics to deck the halls and even got the program to sing the song, if you call that singing. riders enjoyed the unique showing of the christmas spirit. metro officials, they were not so jolly about it. they thought of suspending the employee but instead only gave him a written warning. >> it was the holidays after all, and a lot of the riders probably enjoyed it. if he got in trouble, there
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might have been some sort of backlash. >> it's important to note the worker is a veteran worker on the staff, and he has a very clean record. >> i think it's funny. the meanest crocodile in australia is at it again. >> this time the croc named elvis decided to attack a running lawn mower, and it was all caught on camera. take a look. >> let it go. let it go. let it go. >> the engine cut off when it hit the water, but the blade still took two of elvis' teeth. elvis is 16 feet long and weighs half a ton. he has a history of bad behavior. he was captured in 2009 after climbing aboard fishing boats in darwin. >> stay away from elvis. >> his poor teeth. i feel bad. >> i don't know. >> i hope he has a good dentist. >> if you're crushing lawn mowers with your teeth, he's a pretty strong dude. >> stay with us.


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